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Only use this emoji if you’re looking to get into some serious, serious trouble. This emoji loses sexiness points for being too forward.

The emojineers had to have known what they were doing with this one. But nobody can deny it: darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter, under the sheets. Volcanoes wreak havoc and erupt when you least expect them to.

Sexting is more than just a hobby for horny teens — it can be an art form, a creative medium through which to express your innermost sexual desires.

Any grown-ass man or woman knows that there's no shame in being an avid sexter, because it means you're empowered enough to know what you want, and ask for it.

It may not be your go-to position, but if you're sexting and want to let your partner know you're DTS (down to starfish), this emoji combo will serve you well.

Use this emoji to let your lover know: I need to go to the hospital. (If she responds positively to this emoji, it's time to find Her Favorite Place for Public Sex.) This demon is horny and likes what he sees.

Send this little violet deviant when you’re possessed by passion and seeking something so sinful, Satan himself shows up. This emoji depicts a mysterious, rock hard man with a huge head.

Not only is it the most phallic of the emojis, it’s the only one that’s seemingly so unwieldy it can’t fit in the box (ahem). The volcano emoji seems like an obvious choice to textually convey your sexual urges.

It’s hairless, smooth and ready to get into something smelly (AHEM). When you send this, everybody “nose” exactly what you’re up to.

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For example, If you want to send a text "Hi, What's up?

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