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But King merely pretended to break off contact with Levison while actually continuing to confer with him through intermediaries.The president, however, was aware of King's back-channel communication arrangement with Levison—because his brother had already authorized wiretaps and bugs on Levison himself.But records from Freedom of Information Act disclosures and the pioneering research of civil rights historian David J.Garrow tell a far different, and more insightful, story.In the summer of 1963, Hoover wasn't the only one preoccupied with King. That was because one of King's closest advisers, Stanley David Levison, and another man who ran one of King's offices, Jack O'Dell, were secret Communist Party operatives.

Later that summer, because of White House-authorized surveillance on at least one King associate, the Kennedys learned the minister was having extra-marital affairs.For example, in a scene where Hoover tries on his mother's dress, moviegoers are left wondering whether the character does this because he's a latent cross-dresser or merely longs to be close to her. Edgar Hoover, separating fact from conjecture is challenging because he had so many enemies.Post-Cold War Soviet Union archives reveal that the KGB employed a decades-long systematic campaign of character assassination and disinformation against him.This information also chronicled the work they were then doing for King.President Kennedy didn't worry about an espionage leak, or that the men would necessarily insert propaganda into King's speeches—although some King advisers apparently did see to it that King's plans to criticize communism ("that it was an alien philosophy contrary to us," is how King said he intended to describe it) were scrapped.

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"King is so hot that it's like Marx coming to the White House," he says on a White House tape.

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