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In the 1960s, the Klamath River was targeted by much larger, but ultimately unsuccessful schemes to augment water supplies in other parts of California.One of these projects, the Klamath Diversion, would have reversed the entire flow of the Klamath River to supply farms and urban areas in central and southern California.Below this point, the Klamath's current slows as it approaches sea level.

It includes many of the longest free-flowing stretches of river in California, including excellent stretches of whitewater.

The first Europeans to enter the Klamath River basin were fur trappers for the Hudson's Bay Company in the 1820s; they established the Siskiyou Trail along the Klamath and Trinity rivers into the Sacramento Valley.

Within several decades of white settlement, native peoples were forced into reservations.

Below the dam the river flows west, passing the mostly dry Lower Klamath Lake bed and turns south near the town of Hornbrook towards Mount Shasta.

However, the river soon swings west to receive the Shasta River and the Scott River, entering a long canyon through the Klamath Mountains.

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