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” “It will only take 15 minutes of your time, and I’ll give you a free calendar, even if you don’t win the major prize”Her voice was wavering as she spoke the last sentence, her eyes and mind focussing on my naked body instead of her prepared speech.“OK” I said, and ushered her inside.

We settled on the lounge, her not even acknowledging that I was nude, and I treating her as another “pain in the ass” salesperson.

His suggestion was to put up a sign that said:“The occupants of this dwelling are nudists.

Please do not proceed if you are ofended by the human body in it’s natural state”Well, I thought that this was a great idea! So I put up the sign, and for months had a wonderfully peacefull existance, free from unwanted visitors.

With her other hand she stroked my arsehole, before gently working a finger into that nether hole.

I began to see stars, as my body took on a determination of it’s own… My balls felt bloated, my engorged cock wanted to explode, and my arsehole squeezed around the intruder…

No more religious freakos interrupting my Sunday morning sleep-ins, no more “pushy” sales people… All of my friends knew about this little ploy, and would shout: “Put your gear on!

” when visiting, and it became a bit of an “in” joke.

Suddenly they would retreat to their car and drive away…. I peeked out of the window and saw a very young lady persistantly pressing the button.

Her tits were heaving as she breathed hard, and she gasped deeper as I thrust into her, sinking my dick “to the hilt” in her well lubricated cunt.

We stayed motionless for a few moments, her gently squeezing her pussy muscles, and me “flexing” the dick. She began to buck her hips as I thrust in and out, pulling the tip of my dick right out, and then penetrating her again and again, over and over.

She melted into my chest, the sobbing subsiding, and without hesitation, she began to stroke my dick.

Her touch was like velvet, and I’m sure that my dick stretched to an extra half inch as she bowed her head and took me into her mouth…..

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She started on her sales pitch, but I could see that her eyes were concentrating on my dick.

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  1. :-) Your first time out while cross-dressed you may feel very nervous, and that's perfectly normal. You really have NOTHING to fear or be ashamed of, and joining a support group will certainly help you in many ways.