Sexually intimidating

When perpetrators were members of the government or officials, reported incidents typically included threats of imprisonment or detention, blackmail and public defamation.One Mexican journalist said that a prison director attempted to discredit her, telling other reporters that she paid inmates at his prison for information about drug sales.Though not in the majority, some respondents said they experienced positive outcomes to reporting abuse.Incidents were cited when authorities took complaints seriously, leading to those responsible being convicted or sent to jail.This kind of abuse largely occurred in the office, in front of other newsroom staff.Examples given ranged from “character assassination” to direct insults, including one woman who was routinely berated by her boss for resembling the boss’ ex-wife. A journalist from the Philippines said she was threatened by an interviewee after publishing a story about the subject’s abuse of a home staff member.A respondent from India said “general discrimination is a major problem,” but especially for her, as a manager.

The HR department ruled against me based on incorrect factual information, and I appealed the decision.“ One journalist from the United States said, “I was too freaked out to report my situation (this was my first job right out of college), and the person I was working for who was causing the abuse was/is a very well-known figure in this industry.It would have been my word against his, and I felt completely powerless.After the appeal, which also caused me extreme emotional duress and panic, my harasser was let go with a very generous severance package, though the institution still did not acknowledge wrongdoing.I never really recovered from the stress of reporting, and am not sure if I should have done it.” Several respondents said their news organisations were more supportive of the perpetrator than the complainant.

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