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Source: Shutter Stock Keeper Kid7 said: That little moan that comes out when girls yawn. I don't even care what you look like, if you have a hot accent, chances are I will want to have sex with you. Well, I think I know what guys are really thinking when they hear that little moan... Source: Shutter Stock Snark Master Flash said: Speaking certain foreign languages.

Read on for what Debby Herbenick, Ph D has to say about video sex.

She's a real little thing and I'm sort of a bigger guy, so there's a size difference and I just feel so big and comforting. Maybe it's the way they stretch, or how nonchalant it seems, but there's just something so goddamn sexy about that.

She does it a lot more when she's had a bad day or she's upset or sick, which I actually think is sexier. When I see a woman get down to a good beat and she gets those hips shaking and that hair flying... Literally_A_Fedora replied: Having passion about anything is sexy. American Psychonaut replied: Smart girls are so hot that I have no idea why some girls pretend to be stupid or clueless. danrennt98 replied: I think part of it is when you see someone of sex you're attracted to concentrating on something they are passionate about makes them seem more interesting and attractive.

I do and it wasn’t pretty, pasty white chest and all.

Many women and men are appropriately cautious about exposing themselves online.

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I swear, she could be just giving me a shopping list, but if it's in Russian...

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