Should you trust online dating

These are just guidelines, which you can add to as you go along.

A quick investigation reveals his social media profiles, and again, he looks too good to be true. It's not always easy to meet potential new partners, but online dating has made it easier.

Still, there's something about him that makes you curious about his past. Maybe you’re be dating a guy that seems almost too perfect, but something always feels off when you’re together.

If only there were a way that you could learn everything available online about him. Truth Finder uncovers real data from court dockets, police reports, and criminal records. Maybe the guy you’re dating is squeaky-clean — or maybe he was previously arrested for assault. With Truth Finder, a powerful online tool that allows you to look up criminal records, phone numbers, aliases, email addresses, home addresses, and Dark Web data, anything is possible.

You can check as many records as you want — which can be handy when you're dating online.

That's why I recommend it to anyone that might have a hunch that someone isn't who they say they are.

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