Sister dating a loser

A breakdown of my family status: Mom and Dad divorced 6 years ago, when I was in my mid 20s.Mom remains single and happy, Dad remarried to a smart, independent passionate lady. My younger sister, who is 27 now, is at the center of my family's storm...It sounds like he is hitting a bottom, a time in which many addicts seek help and who knows, if he gets himself better then he may again become the nice guy your sister fell for.Your sister's boyfriend seems to be a total screw up.That being said, I think you should invite them both over because you do not want to alienate your sister.

I don't forgive her for hiding the truth for so long, either.Not only do I hate this guy (he was VERY rude to me my last few months on the job, which is a whole other can of worms), but my entire family hates him, too.We all know the truth now and while my husband and I can suck it up and invite him back into the lifestyle (He still avoids our family for the most part, unless my sister forces him to be present, and then he's rude and distant), my Father and his wife are not so willing.I know that all I can do is support her and hope he never begins to get physically abusive, but in the meantime - How do you think we should proceed?My tiny family birthday party is this Friday and I said he is welcome to come, but the last time he had to endure my birthday, 3 years ago, he said some rude things and made me cry, essentially ending the party because my husband kicked him out.

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That Christmas (a couple months later), which she LOVES, she was mopey. She wouldn't talk to any of us so we tried to cheer her up.

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