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You can't keep it open alongside your desktop so you an multitask, the graphics are horrible (seriously, they look like they're from the early 2000s), and you have to stare at annoying ads all the time.

Worked fine, but has just recently informed me that it will no longer work unless I update the app. Have to say it at least sends messages which is good but I can't hide my disappointment for FB leaving Windows Phone out the loop as it affects soo many people.

Otherwise works fine Tragically crippled typical facebook product.

There is no calling option, which i might not need but my friends are trying to call me and i got only short message that call failed.

No clues on the screen or any help file I could track down.

Turns out you drag the image (with your mouse - if you aren't on a tablet) up or down the screen - and can the drop it back where it was in the chat.

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