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How can we solve the shortage of not just skilled workers but also managers and leaders? More » According to the latest world’s leading global measure of economic and social wellbeing Prosperity Index by The Legatum Institute, Slovenia is the most prosperous nation in Eastern Europe.

Read Full Article » A SWOT Analysis for the Brave New World Recently, Forbes published the story "AI Is the Future, And Slovenia Holds the Key”, stating that when artificial intelligence (AI) was more than just a science fiction...To identify psychosis, the researchers used criteria from the American Psychiatric Association’s diagnostic manual.The episodes were then analyzed and separated into three categories: no psychosis (51 percent), psychosis with other mental status change like HACE (22 percent), and isolated psychosis without symptoms of mental status change or HACE (28 percent).More » Economic growth is highly dependent on the quality and quantity of labour, however, Slovenian companies increasingly struggle from a labour shortage.Some firms have decided to hire workers from abroad.

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