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Indeed when you all hang out together with your ‘friend’ and his/her date, it could be suddenly like hanging out with an ex, minus the actual breakup part.

And in all probability, the date will hate you a little, knowing the history of sexual relationship between you and the ‘friend’.

Under such circumstances, it is best to keep emotions out of the equation.

If your friend doesn’t mind some action on the side, then by all means keep the arrangement you have; but if he/she seems reluctant to spend less time with you, shrug your shoulders and move on.

So do you have to actually break up with someone if you weren't in an official relationship to begin with?

Yes, but it's complicated, says Samantha Burns, LMHC, a millennial relationship expert.

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Thus before you engage on a casual relationship, ensure that you are protected from the emotional impact of such possibilities so that you do not end up feeling lonely and depressed.

But with a thing as variable as the human heart, it is not unusual for a casual arrangement to get sticky.

So if you find that your friend with benefit is dating someone else, here are a few tips to help you come to terms with the situation.

That's the whole point of a casual relationship — keep it laissez-faire and loose.

But all too often, it's assumed that you can just let a casual relationship fizzle out and end without officially pronouncing it dead (a.k.a. Even though lots of people do this, it's not necessarily a good thing.

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