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He was seen out with Norweigan model Sophia Lie in Italy over the weekend.The two were photographed kissing on a yacht and at dinner. Magazine’s report: Actor Josh Hartnett and his Norwegian girlfriend Sophia Lie’s relationship is heating up while the couple enjoy each other’s company on a vacation in Italy.Given how clear and close up the photos are, I can’t help but think they were arranged to boost Hartnett’s sagging career. On Saturday Josh and Sophia spent the evening dining out and getting very close at the dinner table after loading up their plates at the buffet.Earlier in the day, the 31-year-old kicked back while Sophia swam in the ocean, sporting a bright pink bikini.

Part of me wants to believe this story because I think Josh and Amanda would make a smashing couple in the looks department.

) It takes a lot to pull off the no-makeup look, especially when you’re pale-skinned. Lie may not wear makeup at all when she’s not working as I found event photos (below) of her looking washed-out too.

She does look lovely and fresh-faced, but a little makeup is called for when you’re going out.

He’s like a budget Leonardo Di Caprio in that he has on-off relationships with women all the time. He had only one movie out in 2009 and none yet this year, although he does have three films in post production and two in the works.

This is superficial of me, but as gorgeous as Josh’s girlfriend is she would definitely benefit from a little mascara and shadow.

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I have very pale skin and light eyelashes too and I only leave the house without makeup in an emergency.

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