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The number of Australian residents that share ancestry with each country is based on the 2016 Australian Housing and Population census.

This recorded people’s ancestry by the birthplace of their parents, not distant heritage.

Many families would uphold him as the ultimate decision-maker.

However, since the Korean war, people have deviated from this hierarchical convention to adopt modern family dynamics similar to those of Australians.

A split of familial ideals has emerged as they become less family-focused.

Under Confucian values, age defines seniority in the household and overrides a person’s personal virtue or merit.

Nonetheless, some Koreans still adhere to traditional family values.

Many couples in Korea celebrate anniversaries more often than once a year.

Elders should be honoured for their wisdom in accordance with filial piety and cared for by the family.

The younger generation has started rejecting these conventions, causing issues in some Korean households where the older generation expects respect and obedience to be shown in accordance to age – the traditional way.

Today, the majority of young Koreans consider all genders and sexual orientations equal.

The figure of the total population of each country is drawn from the global estimates listed in the CIA World Factbook , unless otherwise stated.

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