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Fiberglass roofs can get weathered by the sun and get chalky with spider cracks that have a potential for leakage.

You should always have your RV roof inspected every year for voids in the sealant. At that point just replace it with a new plywood and rubber roofing material.

At this point in time there is really only one correct way to deal with it.

That is to remove and replaced it with with a new one piece roofing Material this can be expensive but well worth it.

I have seen many people taking advantage of with Inferior rv roofing roll on products We have replaced hundreds of rubber roof material and offer quality work at a reasonable price . Well thanks for reading the short version of my bio.

Don't be fooled by paying a company less money for a roll on liquid rubber just have the sun dry it out in 1 or 2 years then you are back to square one. I replace converters and batteries and offer some electrical trouble shooting.

The sun can split the sealant within one year allowing water to enter under the rubber. For fast and professional service call the RV Experts. If you want a reliable competent RV technician working on your RV then you have came to the right place.

This can lead to water intrusion and destroy your RV roof. There are a lot of shops and mobile RV guys out there but few have the experience necessary to repair you trailer properly.. I have used this product on hundreds of jobs and never had a problem. Any angles or crowns in the pitch of the roofs can cause unwanted air pockets and wrinkles. Therefore most shops will probably try to sell you on an EPDM roof.

Now most trailers and motor home have a rubber roof membrane. It consists of a very thin sheet of rubber that is glued to your plywood on your roof. If you do see stains on the ceiling or inside of the top cabinets it is probably coming from your roof.

This membrane can usually last up to 20 years or so. The black you see is actually the back half of the product. Sometimes water stains are seen in the interior at the bottom corners of windows.

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You might think it is coming from the window but it usually is coming from the roof leaking out the window.

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