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Most of the time this is done because he is presented as the master and the one who "knows more" when it comes to sexual expression.If I let my mind wander I feel the same way you do.I'll admit that there are days when I want to play the more dominant role and others when I want to be more submissive.Flexibility can add so much excitement for both partners when it comes to this topic.Just spread your legs and let me devote myself to the joy of giving you all the pleasure I can manage to give you! When I was single I could never find an older guy who wanted to be submissive some even told me to keep it that way cause the older guy was NOT suppose to be submissive but dominant.Maybe that's why I like to suck so much -- I really like taking the active role: licking, massaging, sucking, and making love to my young boyfriend, while he just receives my expressions of devotion and love. When I got with my partner I basically haven't really done anything with the whole submissive/dominant roles. Hi After reading Game Bear's post I realized that sometimes relationships don't always have to have a dominant/submissive role to be successful.The other turn-on for me is being watched while serving my boy or boys.

But for me, I am so powerfully aroused by the thought of enjoying a submissive relationship for a dominant younger boy ("boy", of course, refers to legal age or above - for an older man like me, a young man of 18 - 25 or so is definitely a "boy").I have had occasional experiences that have come close, but my desire to serve a young Master (and his friends) so greatly outstrips any experience that I could never imagine being able to completely satisfy this desire!I wonder if I am not alone with these fantasies and desires, and if young men realize that there are, perhaps, lots of men like me who would like nothing better than the chance to offer unlimited and unconditional service to some young boy?Thanks for starting this thread I am looking forward to what other JUB members have to say. yessir, an older sub is more experienced, grateful and willing to obey, submit and be used to satisfy a younger DOM / MASTER who has more stamina. Met up with MANY Old guys like 50s and stuff 40s Im very picky as they gotta have a banging ass!! Just my luck too cause when I do them its some of the best sex Ive had. However I stopped doing that with older guys man I been on a fuck binge for 3 months straight no lie I lost count how many pple I been fucking..condom of course so IDK what to do now as I seem to have lost intrest in all men.a lot of guys who say they are sub have fantasized, but not really done it enough, and freak on the reality of what it means to be a true, unquestioning sub. Guys my age older in their 30s 40s great shape as Im not conceited just know what I want.

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