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In order to help you benefit, I have collected the latest batch of 5-star Geometry and Measures resources together, and placed them on a board on Pinterest.Follow Craig’s board Geometry and Measures: 5-star TES Maths Resources on Pinterest.Once again I am dipping into the pool of outstanding primary maths resources available on TES for another gem. ” consists of a series of scenarios (presented on small cards for ease of printing) where a classic mistake has been made. It is the student’s job to spot, explain and correct the mistake.For example: Year 6 are doing some quick calculations. He knows he can do this mentally by changing 99 to 100 then adjusting. Topics covered include ordering numbers, use of inequality signs, rounding, negative numbers and basic arithmetic. I have found these scenarios work well as starters – simply project one on the board, give students a few minutes to ponder it in silence, and then discuss it with their partner. Likewise, a few could be placed together as the main part of a lesson, or in preparation for a test.

It adds a story-line and 17 quests, some of them very simple "lover's quests", some of them very rewarding, while others might be dangerous and time consuming.

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This version is however adapted for Laura by The Other Felix. a) FOUR LOOKS - this mod includes four esp-files with four different heads and hair-styles for Laura. Travelling with Laura is now extremely easy, as you can at any time recall her to any exterior location, and several interiors (in Mournhhold) as well.

If you are standing on a small island in the Sheogorad archipelag and suddenly want Laura's company, just contact her telepathically, and she will turn up right beside you.

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The class had good access to computers, and there are therefore quite a few activities for independent vocabulary learning and consolidation.

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