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‘It was Harry who made the move as he was looking after her.

‘At one point he was stroking her hair as she lay her head on the table.

Following the demise of his fleeting romance with Kim Kardashian’s younger sister Kendall Jenner, it would appear Harry Styles has reverted back to dating cougars.

The 20-year-old One Direction star is believed to be dating Kills frontwoman Alison Mosshart, 35, after they were spotted getting intimate on a night out at The Box in London’s Soho.

She takes a menthol drag and lets out a loud, phlegmy treble cough, a sound an acute Kills fan might recognize as an opening note of the tune “Cheap and Cheerful,” in which Mosshart begs: “I want you to be crazy ’cause you’re stupid, baby, when you’re sane.” To watch her perform it live, you’d think she was exorcizing some pretty hateful demons. They don’t care, they just read these magazines on the train. He left the motor running, and the generator died when the gas finally ran out. He’s not dead, because I keep hearing he’s stolen more buses. I also was told that he went on a three-day coke bender with a hooker—apparently that’s also his thing. If you weren’t playing music, what would you be doing? I’ve thought about this—I say write books, or draw pictures. BLASBERG: Just sell a bunch of jingles to a beer company.

Lately, she’s even gotten a second project started, coming together with musicians Jack White, Jack Lawrence, and Dean Fertita as the band the Dead Weather; they just recorded tracks, and their first album will be out later in the year. I met a lot of people on that circuit, sleeping on people’s floors. The bus was pitch-black and couldn’t be started—Lalo had to pack the bus up using a flashlight. BLASBERG: Stealing buses and doing coke with hookers? But there’s this side of me that truly loves and is obsessed with and addicted to performing. My parents are really proud of me and my brother, who’s a chef here in New York. I have responsibilities and ties to London that I’ll be dealing with probably forever.

She’s been known to send hilarious e-mails about the travails of living with Hince in North London and is an unabashed fan (in fact, one Kills song was the soundtrack for the show’s second-season promo, and Mosshart has friends in the cast). Hedi Slimane made these, and now I have three pairs of the gold, plus pairs in every other color, in black, in patent. I just sang at first—I didn’t ever play guitar before The Kills. MOSSHART: I was in another band in Florida, touring and going to school. I told him I wanted to start writing myself, and he lent me a four-track to take on the road for the rest of my tour, which I took as an opportunity to mix, like, 20 tapes of music and bring them back to have Jamie listen to them. Such a shame, too; it was only last November that Kate and Alison were reported to have ended their previous feud. It's beautiful." Crikey, not sure what the atmosphere will be like backstage at the next Kills show.She dragooned her brother, Matthew, a talented chef, into catering this unruly affair, let us rig up her beloved Dodge Challenger, the "Black Shark," and drove us around town.She liquored us up on fine tequila, made sure that I, and every member of my crew had an awesome time in Nashville, and that we would, all of us, wake up with unexplained bruises and Mosshart-designed tattoos.

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