The middle school dating game

This winner-take-all phenomenon is beginning to dominate every facet of human life as digital technology breaks down the barriers and levees that sustained the middle class (e.g., unions, academic tenure, taxi medallions, business licenses, etc), however inefficient they were.If network technology is supposed to be so good for everyone, why has the developed world suffered so much just as the technology has become widespread?

Everyone has access to photography in their pocket, but now what a few dozen people can do while employed at Instagram has replaced over a hundred thousand middle class jobs at Kodak while cheap labor in Asian factories construct the camera sensors.Consumers were offered free stuff (such as web searches and social networking) in exchange for acquiescing to being spied upon.The only power a consumer has is to look for a better deal.[…] In what sense is becoming dependent on private spy agencies crossed with ad agencies, which are licensed by us to spy on all of us all the time in order to accumulate billions of dollars by manipulating what’s put in front of us over supposedly open and public networks, a way of defeating elites?And yet that is precisely what the “free” model has meant.

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