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The extent of his injuries where that he had broken ribs, a broken hip, a broken pelvis, some internal injuries (almost ruptured his stomach and the x-ray showed that his stomach was now the shape of a bottle of wine) and he had a hell of a nasty bump and cut on his head.Anyway, the hospital at first put him into a private room, assuming that he had insurance cover to fund this but as it transpired, the agency we are contracted with at the school who allegedly had us covered with insurance, and for which we had been told would cover us for such an eventuality failed to materialise.Dave is sat next to me now checking that my facts are right as I write this and this is his account of what happened…Apparently, he was on his way to school, the time was about 9am and there was only him and a single taxi on this 3-lane road.This he claimed was for “being made to jump with fright by the stupid Farang having a motosai accident” and he even expected Dave to pay for it too…but more on this later.Dave ended up in a government hospital, which quite frankly is not the best place to end up in.The taxi however decided to use this as an opportune moment to weave into Dave’s’ path.Dave was only a few meters away by now and sees the weave coming and so turns his bike to go around the opposite side of the taxi, unfortunately the wet of the road had other ideas, and instead of providing him with the necessary grip, it takes the wheels right from under his bike and sends him on a skid down the road.

Needless to say, I immediately went off and got my own insurance cover and not only have I decided to pay for it myself, it also gives me more than enough cover should I fall ill or be involved in any accident.Unfortunately, as is so often the case in Bangkok, things were conspiring against him and no sooner was he into and enjoying his skid along the wet greasy road when a rather large curb came running up and decided to intervene with a sliding tackle…This caused him and the bike to flip up and as such somersaulted him up into the air.Our agency then went on to deny any knowledge of any insurance being offered as part of our contract (despite that it’s written into all of our contracts) and thus Dave was pretty much left to fend for himself.The agency even went on to file a report with the police to say that as the accident was Dave’s fault (where they came up with this was anyone’s guess) and as such they stated that any insurance cover offered by the school was invalidated.

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The taxi driver was either drunk, not sure where he wanted to go, practicing his weaving skills or a combination of all three and so Dave decided that it would be best if he just went past the taxi and left him to his weaving, something I’m sure the majority of us would do given the same situation.

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