Thunderbird rss feeds stopped updating

Due to the upcoming deprecation of XUL-based add-ons, I am stopping development and support for this add-on. RSS Ticker is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox Web browser that scrolls the items from your Live Bookmarks across your browser, a la a cable-news style ticker. Of course that has some implications regarding privacy. The advantage of google reader was that it was a web app?I can fetch stuff from public Facebook pages I need (without having a fb account) and create a RSS feed of them. Also, fuck Facebook and long live RSS and the open web.The standard news feed can be sorted in chronological order, true. They even have Daily Mail style headlines now, where a random word is capitalised for emphasis:"Up to NINE terrible things happened"I browse with an ad blocker, so those are actual headlines, not Outbrain/Taboola (ugh) links. But they make up a minority of their magazine content. They don't need to lower themselves to that standard. Best i can tell, there is a new generation of "journalists" coming onboard that have been trained in the style of "blogs".

Not so useful when you're in an offline environment like the London underground (where I usually catch up with my feeds at the end of the day)Facebook and Twitter suffer from the same issue though I'm on Giff Gaff which isn't one of those networks supported. Feeddemon and others couldn't do that unless they connected to proxy-like services. That was (to me) the biggest selling point of Google Reader: I could forget about if for two weeks but Google would happily and regularly download feeds while I was not connected.Google reader was, to my knowledge, the dominant feed reader back then even though other services existed (and filled up the space when GR was discontinued) and had that same I liked about Google reader was that I could subscribe to friends feeds, curated by what they decided what was worthwhile to share (from their own rss feeds, mostly stuff)most importantly, that it did just that (if unasked) without getting all Facebooky, playing mind games etc to draw you into more "social" "engagement". It's decentralised, pub sub, no tracking, can use any client you want! The idea of a massive corp controlling what I see (and hence how I think) does not resonate with me.I am not the developer behind it, but I want to advertise it: is awesome.

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I had an issue with blat yesterday with a new script I was working on.

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