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Hae-Joo takes care of the family, instead of her incompetent father and mother who hates Hae-Joo. When chang hee ang hae joo broke up i feel like my heart was broken too.. well I dnt really like this drama but I continued watching it although..!! Thank you so much I have to say that the kids parts were too long.

She is transferred to the same elementary school where Do-Hyun's daughter In-Hwa (later played by Son Eun-Seo) attends. thats how i love and got so affected by this couple.. Watching it i remember when tak gu and yoo kung did not end up together... I think it is the best drama series I have ever watched. I'm studying Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering in our country. By the time I finished those first 8 episodes, i already lost interest to move to the adults parts so I quit after that.

Gi-Chool takes 2-year-old Hae-Joo and tells others that he is taking her to the beach. their acting in this series is s bit off, lack depth..

He makes it appear Hae-Joo drowns by the beach, but in actuality, takes Hae-Joo to live with his old military acquaintance Hong-Chul (Ahn Nae-Sang). acting should come out natural in tv dramas and movies..

Hae-Joo's father, an oil scholar, is betrayed and killed by Do-Hyun (Lee Deok-Hwa).

Do-Hyun, who loves Hae-Joo's mother Geum-Hee (Yang Mi-Kyung), then orders Gi-Chool (Kim Kyu-Cheol) to kill 2-year-old Hae-Joo, but Gi-Chool can't go through with it.

You can also look at their behind the scenes video. The bad guy turning to be the biological father of HJ actually made the story more complex and dramatic but revealing it to the viewers during the last 2 episodes makes a cheap ending.

Revealing the secret to the main characters at the very end is ok but revealing it to the VIEWERS at the very last is not ok (just my humble opinion).

Thank you very much for creating this great drama to all people....I believe he deserved much better after giving up everything he loved. This drama is showing how these four kids grow up and how the three of them, under adverse conditions, try to succeed in their careers.i'm now in ep 26.i think the story is getting'll not dissappoint me at the end..i don't feel that feeling when i first start watching this drama.the time when kang san,hae joo,chang hee still a child though.joo is stronger,kang san and chang hee's character is better..i hope kang san and hae joo are end up together.pliss writer, make a better plot than what showed now..somehow, i feel frustrated for the real haejoo's omma, she is sooooo pathetic, treat nicely and stand up for her current husband who is a murderer of her previous husband which have so many wrongdoing.adding to that, she treat her husband's daughter,son like her own and more patethic to that she don't know anything, her real daughter is right under her nose..ohh, she's soo naive :( I am not sure whether the ending is what I predict and in fact I would prefer Jae Hee with Han Ji Hye but that does not seem the case as I am approaching ep 28 where he is going to marry Son Eun Seo by revenge and when I look at it, he was the main character for this drama, and am not sure how it goes. The love stories are important too but the main theme is the prior.It is ridiculous for love to develop all of a sudden and 15 years relationship down to the drain just because of Jae Hee's father who committed so many crimes and never felt sorry for what he did and his son had to sacrifice himself not for himself but for the father and perhaps for his ex sad no doubt , but thinking the ending he might end with Han Ji Hye like Ji Hye's mother back to her first love the murderer Lee Dweok Hwa . I am enjoying this longer series and do not find it repetitive at all but quite exciting to see how this is playing out.Overall the drama is good, thrilling but maybe a bit disappointing towards the end. I agree that Hae Joo's character is annoying in her lack of ability to feel a true depth of emotion but after thinking about it I realized that in the context of her upbringing and having to stuff her emotions all her life in order to endure her childhood that it actually makes sense why she is this way.

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but with CH and HJ yes they suffered a lot but i can feel they deeply love each other, i dont know, maybe because the build-up from the beginning thats why i like them to end up together..

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