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She seems to favor script writing, as she writes the play Well Wishes in Wok Star and manages to get it produced with the help of Tori.She seems to prefer to star in works she both writes and directs, and these works include: "Clowns Don't Bounce" (Prome Wrecker), an unnamed TV series where she plays the main character and her evil twin (only written; talked about in a post on The Slap), and her re-audition in Helen Back Again. She also seems to prefer film over stage, as her re-audition for Principal Helen Dubois was in the form of a short film while Beck's was a monologue on stage.You know you've officially made it in the hip hop game when you start SMASHING Trina.

Jade started off as a brunette with blue-green eyes and stands at 5'7".The jewelry she wears is designed by real life artist Dre Swain, and she also wears dark red Doc Martens and black combat boots. Jade also has multiple streaks in her hair that change color periodically.In season one her streaks in her brown hair are at first pink, blonde and light blue before going red for the rest of the season.Jade is jealous, often insatiable, mean, and rude to many people.She sometimes shows authority and control at Hollywood Arts, yelling at others and even using physical force at times.

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