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They try to trick the iguana to think the season is changing because it goes once a year and it already went.Rudy and Lonnie regains the grain of rice but is eaten again by the iguana.Rudy lies to Jack and says he will go to juvie if he does not join and helps them get 2 belts, the dojo will close down.Later Rudy let his secret slip and Jack quits until he hears the disappointment of his friends. Kim competes against Jack, but after the Sensei for the Black Dragon cheats, Kim quits and does not fight Jack.

Arthur, the obnoxious son of the new mall owner, joins the Bobby Wasabi dojo, and Rudy bends over backwards to please the owner.

Deguzman Note: Reuben Langdon was the stunt coordinator in this episode.

Dan Brown (stuntman) was Sterling Beaumon's stunt double. P.) but his friends don't want to participate because they think it's uncool (except for Rudy who thinks it sounds like fun).

Meanwhile, Rudy fights with Lonnie from Reptile World for a storage space in the basement of the mall, after the closing of a magic store.

Lonnie gets the space but later gets crushed by Nakamura.

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