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and in 1976 an edition, consisting of a nearly-complete transcription together with a reduced photographic reproduction of the MS, was published by the Japanese firm, Zen-On. Manabe, has been out of print for some years, and has certain idiosyncratic features—notably the use of a two-stave keyboard score transposed up an octave throughout—and lacks any detailed commentary or account of the contents in the context of Weiss’s overall output.

It is to be hoped that the edition remains as useful to them as to those who accept my arguments.

The description of the MS that appeared in Wolfgang Boetticher’s has been very useful but it contains some errors and a few misleading statements, including a suggested dating of ‘around 1730-1740’.

At the first Moscow Early Music Conference in 1989 Olga Arnautova read an important paper about the dating of the MS.

Occupying an intermediate position between the principal sources and the scattered miscellaneous sources, the Moscow ‘ Weiss’ Manuscript is undoubtedly of great importance as a unique source of many pieces of high quality and interest by Weiss, but, as we shall see, it presents some special problems of its own. At some time, probably in 1941 (see below), it was transferred, along with other historical materials, to the music library of the M. Glinka State Central Museum for Musical Culture in Moscow (hereinafter the Glinka Museum,) where it is now shelved under the callmark MS 282/8.

The Moscow manuscript was formerly in the library of the P. The comparative inaccessibility of Russian libraries to Western scholars meant that the MS was not known to the pioneering lutenist and Weiss enthusiast, Hans Neeman, who was the first to attempt a systematic survey of the composer’s music and its sources.

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Erasures, involving the removal of a layer of paper with a knife (a not unusual method in the eighteenth century), have been made later to remove three crucial pieces of information from the extra material written by hand B: the name of the ‘master’ who ‘approved’ the pieces; the name of his pupil; the date of the manuscript.

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