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If so if there a regulation or memo stating that it is possible??(My battalion will not let me use the DD214 as they state it isn't legal and in order for my awards to be updated on ERB I need all my award orders when everything is in my IPERMs and I didn't get award orders for campaign medals.I suggest you contact your former units S1 to get the situation corrected.When I went from enlisted to warrant, my ORB was blank and I could not use my ERB or DD214 to add my awards. Well my awards that I earned as in AAm's and ARCOM's are on the ERB. I was repeatedly told that Ops already submitted my docs to S1 and higher like HRC to update my file, whatever the fuck that is.I was told to just keep checking for a few weeks up to a month.All I have are deployment orders)Thank You Jonathan Originally posted by aznsniper305: So it is possible to update the ERB using a prior DD214 that is correct??All I have are deployment orders)Thank You Jonathan In the e Milpo system, the award number is needed to add it to your records.

This process will ensure that the SRB populates accurate information for HR Professionals’ use.

I don't need this is to fuck with me every day furthermore.

I'm getting tired of dealing with this for the past few months. I had a 4187 that was signed by the Army liaison civilian back in basic, sent it up to PSG in AIT to update my file.

This page provides resources for Soldiers who have access to the IPPS-A system and are experiencing technical difficulties.

If you are experiencing problems accessing the IPPS-A system or are unable to view your SRB, please continue reading below.

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