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Download the DB2 Accessories Suite and follow the install and setup instructions.IBM Data Server Driver Package This package contains drivers and libraries for various programming language environments.Our ODBC driver for SQL Server allows you to connect desktop applications such as Microsoft Access and Excel/Query, Open Office, reporting tools such as Crystal Reports/Business Objects, and more, to your backend database.Additionally, our ODBC driver facilitates database connectivity for developers programming in scripting languages such as Perl (using DBI and DBD:: ODBC), Python (using mx ODBC or Py ODBC), Ruby, Soft Integration's Ch language, C and using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 IDE.The driver quickly discovers the current Always On topology of your server infrastructure and connects to the current active server transparently.We are committed to continuously updating the JDBC driver to bring more feature support for connecting to SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and Azure SQL DW.The JDBC Driver 6.0 Preview allows you to specify your AAD credentials in the JDBC connection string to connect to Azure SQL DB.The driver now supports transparent connections to Always On Availability Groups.

Use AAD authentication to centrally manage identities of database users and as an alternative to SQL Server authentication.Info Sphere Federation Server Nonrelational Wrappers With DB2® Database for Linux®, UNIX®, and Windows®, you can federate to DB2 family and Informix® data sources.You can install Info Sphere® Federated Server Nonrelational Wrappers to access many other nonrelational data sources.The updated driver provides robust data access to Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure SQL Database for Java-based applications.You can now use Always Encrypted with the Microsoft JDBC Driver 6.0 for SQL Server Preview.

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Download other DB2 fix packs using the DB2 Fix Packs page.

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