Updating mandrake packages

Click the selection boxes for the packages to be installed and then click .

See this page for more on package management and open SUSE.

By default, Nixpkgs channel is automatically added to your list of “subscribed” channels when you install Nix.

To stay up to date with Nix channel, run the following command: downloading Nix expressions from ‘https://d3g5gsiof5omrk.cloudfront.net/nixpkgs/nixpkgs-17.09pre108299.ec9a23332f/xz’...

downloading ‘https://d3g5gsiof5omrk.cloudfront.net/nixpkgs/nixpkgs-17.09pre108299.ec9a23332f/xz’... [8335/8656 Ki B, 206.5 Ki B/s] unpacking channels...2048-in-terminal-2015-01-15 2bwm-0.2 389-ds-base- 3dpong-0.5 4store-1.1.6 8086tiny-1.25 90secondportraits-1.01b 915resolution-0.5.3 9pfs a2jmidid-8 a2ps-4.14 a52dec-0.7.4p4 aacgain-1.9.0 aacskeys-0.4.0e aalib-1.4rc5 abc-verifier-20160818 abcde-2.7.2 abcl-1.4.0 [...]nixpkgs.python33 python3-3.3.6 nixpkgs.python33Full python3-3.3.6 nixpkgs.python34 python3-3.4.6 nixpkgs.python34Full python3-3.4.6 nixpkgs.python35 python3-3.5.3 nixpkgs.python35Full python3-3.5.3 nixpkgs.python3Full python3-3.6.1 nixpkgs.python36Full python3-3.6.1 nixpkgs.python3 python3-3.6.1 for the package.

You can query/list packages using regular expressions. chromium Matches the package name chromium and any version. ‘.*zip.*’ Matches any package name containing the string zip.

KDE neon is an Ubuntu-LTS-based mini-"distribution" and package archive maintained under the umbrella of the KDE project.

chromium-58.0 Matches the package name chromium and version 58.0. The character must be escaped using a backslash to prevent it from being interpreted as a quantifier, and the backslash must be escaped in turn with another backslash to ensure that the shell passes it on. Note the dots: ‘*zip*’ does not work, because in a regular expression, the character * is interpreted as a quantifier.

‘.*(firefox|chromium).*’ Matches any package name containing the strings firefox or chromium.

As you might already know, you don’t need to be a root or sudo user to do all package management operations using Nix. The main command for the package management is nix-env.

This command is used to list, install, update, rollback, remove, query packages. A Nix channel is just a URL that points to a place that contains a set of Nix expressions and a manifest.

Search for updating mandrake packages:

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It provides either the latest KDE software releases, the latest LTS KDE software releases, the latest commits to the master branches of KDE software, or the latest bugfixes in the bugfix branches of KDE software.

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