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The test I had there involved a bunch of new items and a number of edits to existing ones, all of them to unique product names.

I'm an experienced programmer but new to Ruby, Ro R, and Spree.

Will be happy to provide details from the site if they'd be helpful. Hmm, I wish I could provide easy steps but this store has been built over a series of experiments.

Once a particular update has gotten "stuck" in this way, it remains "stuck". I followed an installation guide - probably and then tinkered from there. I've been doing performance testing involving roughly a thousand product creations or deletions at a time (and on a dual core system, Postgre SQL backend, I'm seeing about 20 calls/second throughput).

Here's the request and response I'm seeing: HTTP/1.1 422 Unprocessable Entity Date: Tue, GMT Server: Apache/2.2.16 (Debian) X-Powered-By: Phusion Passenger (mod_rails/mod_rack) 3.0.19 X-UA-Compatible: IE=Edge Cache-Control: no-cache X-Request-Id: CENSORED X-Runtime: 0.055712 Status: 422 Content-Length: 112 Connection: close Content-Type: application/json The old product name exists; the new one doesn't (it was deliberately generated by RNG, and I checked and it's not a duplicate).

Also, the usual solution for duplicates (adding a number to the end) isn't kicking in.

A PUT request is triggering a permalink validation? Are there some steps that I could use to reproduce this problem on a new store?

db/migrate/[email protected] What would be involved in fixing this? I don't know myself how to do that within Ruby, because each error messages (from SQLite, My SQL and Postgre SQL) would be different. I don't know myself how to do that within Ruby, because each error messages (from SQLite, My SQL and Postgre SQL) would be different.I'm using Passenger, as you would have seen above, so there are multiple server processes available (two cores).If so, I would just bypass the whole problem and not bother using permalinks - afaict all the other APIs will happily use IDs. But this should be an easy issue if someone else wants to pick it up! I'm off work for the Easter break at the moment, but I might be able to tackle it next week or the week after. It just confuses things when there are 3 possible links to the same content item based on itemid's. Each content item should have a permanent link regardless of its itemid, its category's itemid, or its section's itemid. Not just one URL to rule them all (pages with same content, that is); but also URLs that won't change as upgrade Joomla!

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