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For content that is static or infrequently changed, this provides an easy way to tell whether two versions of a file are identical, even across different servers or deployment dates.When a filename is unique and based on its content, HTTP headers can be set to encourage caches everywhere (whether at CDNs, at ISPs, in networking equipment, or in web browsers) to keep their own copy of the content.It allows assets in your application to be automatically combined with assets from other gems.The asset pipeline is implemented by the sprockets-rails gem, and is enabled by default.

For CSS files, this is done by removing whitespace and comments.When the content is updated, the fingerprint will change.This will cause the remote clients to request a new copy of the content.This is generally known as This is the strategy adopted by the Rails asset pipeline.Rails' old strategy was to append a date-based query string to every asset linked with a built-in helper.

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