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Nothing kills mojo quicker than lifeless verbs floundering on your resume.

A handful of action verbs on your resume will help liven things up a bit. The worst fonts for your resume should be pretty obvious (hello, comic sans), but in case your'e not sure, take a look at some current sample resumes to see what is and is not in fashion.

That's yesterday's news and a potential red flag to hiring managers that you're not on top of current standards and practices in the workplace.

And while you're at it, toss out any mentions of outdated skills, old software programs or other examples of terminology from yesteryear that may make you seem out of the loop.

"Whoever says looks don't matter hasn't been out on the job search battlefield lately," says resume expert Kim Isaacs.

"You have to use every possible advantage to compete in today's job market." For starters, get rid of the "objective" field.

Of course your references are available upon request—that's a given.

Don't waste valuable resume real estate by offering something to potential employers that they're going to wind up requesting anyway.

Third, the WHERE clause specifies the rows that you want to update.

Using remote templates makes the most sense for your development environment.

It allows you to logically split your templates out into separate files.

In the next example, we'll show you the recommended way of including templates in your production application. This is the preferred way of loading templates in production environments.

You'd never want to write that run function manually, since it'd be hard to maintain all your templates as strings and in one file.

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In addition, the statement can include a WHERE clause, which determines what rows to modify, or a FROM clause, which identifies tables or views that provide values for the expressions defined in the SET clause.

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