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Rendezvous Snowy Mts (RSM2006) is a chance for all Peugeot 206GTi, 206GTi180 and friends to participate in the second national 206GTi conference.

It is being hosted by the Peugeot Car Club of NSW and proudly supported by Peugeot Automobiles Australia, and Focus on Print.

I'm not going to be updating this and probably can't help with responding, but I'm leaving this website running as long as I can to help those who still have the cars. My car is almost 9 years old now but only really gets driven to work and back now I have 2 kids.

It's still running well although needs some bits replacing (interior cabin fan is dying). Sorry updates have been more than infrequent - family and work have taken up most of my time. Had a service recently at Auto Studio a very good Peugeot/Audi/Porche/VW/SAAB place that used to do my wife's VW Golf (well, technically they still do it as my sister owns it).

I've got another Peugeot - a 307 Touring XSE 2.0L Petrol. Next week I'm going to be a parent for the first time, so we need a bigger car!

Bet you thought I'd gotten bored - well kind of - just been busy with other aspects of my life.

Also, Simon found a good Aussie website with some gory technical details about the Pugs - zip over to Peugeot

The 2003 spec 206's have been released - Autoweb has the official pictures. Someone's coming out with a WRC "look" GTI180/RC - have a look here. Phillips have a guide to their car lighting products.

We still take the 307 Touring to the dealer (who've now changed). I'm considering finally changing the stereo in the GTI to one of the new Sony Bluetooth headunits.

The GTI hasn't done a lot of kilometres - just to work and back but has been very reliable. But it might wait while I do somethings on the house!

My car is going well - it's had it's 80,000km service - also had to get the idle stepper motor and throttle position sensor replaced (big $$$).

This fixed the idle issue completely and also fixed the lack of power issue (TPS wasn't registering fully open so wouldn't give the car enough fuel).

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