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As it is the client that requests the server to trim varchars, the Firebird 1.5 client (or libfbclient.so) will trim, even if connected to a pre-1.5 server version.

If you use an old client, you will not get trimming, even if you are connected to a 1.5 or later server.

When used by the SYSDBA on either Superserver or Classic, it will change the buffer count in the database header, i.e., make a permanent change to the default buffer size.

This change will affect any of the listed DPB parameters that have been explicitly set, either by including them in the DPB implementation by default property values or by enabling them in tools and applications that access databases as ordinary users.

It was recognised as a security hole and fixed in Firebird 2 development.Any error will prevent the security database from being changed; but the exception is decoded by the server and the appropriate message is delivered via the API communication buffer instead of the status vector.If this situation is not handled properly by the user program, it may cause application-specific errors.It means that the entire Services API now works in both Superserver and Classic architectures.Known issue: GSEC doesn't deliver error status vectors to the client side if forked from the CS process.

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