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Downloads are made from com website [4] and no code change is done in Launchpad project.If your PSP firmware version is below 5.03 you need to update it to firmware 5.03 first. Your PSP memory stick will appear in your computer. Assuming that your PSP is on Firmware 5.03, now is the time to load chick HEN R2. Copy file from Chick HENR2 folder to the root of your PSP.Now, I don't know what that means or how to fix it, but I was hoping one of you kind sirs could help me out? Also, it just shuts off when I try to upgrade to any other version, like 3.80 M33 or 3.90 M33.I realize it might be daunting, but I myself tried to go from 3.52-4 M33 to 3.71 M33 the same way you are trying and all I got for my efforts was a bricked psp.While you are there you can also pick up the 1.50 Kernel Addon if it applies to you and the patch for the firmware you are upgrading too (M33-X). The Pandora process needs the original Nand data to reboot a CFW from Service mode, so having a backup makes a totally bricked situation less likely, If you're lucky, somebody'll post a link for a Nand backup utility without anybody needing to google DC7.I really need to know, because I might not be able to get my hands on another battery or memory stick.

As for the memorystick you need to just reformat it using either the psp or a computer via usb.The improvements are freely available for integration into 3rd party toolchains, and for direct download by end-users. Contributions to this project are be done via GCC [1] trunk, binutils-gdb [2] master branch and newlib [3] master branch.This launchpad project is for communication and bug reporting.Update to 5.00 M33-X Harap diperhatikan antara CFW 5.00 dengan FW 5.01.berikut merupakan cara update PSP agar dapat bermain game melalui Memory Stick Duo..*catet!! ^^ Dan sekedar info, “Kenapa lgs [5.00 M33-4]..bagaimana dng [5.00 M33]?

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I'll be on again Thursday if you have any questions.

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