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If you have multiple debts which need to be paid off, you will no doubt be aware of the challenges which can arise from this.

Having to manage regular repayments to a host of different lenders often requires a lot of time and effort, and can prove to be expensive, especially if you incur additional fees or interest charges.

Learn more A debt management plan is an informal agreement between you and your creditors to repay your debts via an affordable monthly payment.

Creditors should stop their demands for payment and may agree to freeze any interest or charges which apply to the debt Learn more Other solutions available include bankruptcy, trust deeds and debt relief orders.

You typically do this by taking out a new personal loan to repay your other existing debts, and then paying this new loan back over a set term.

If you have three different credit cards with debts of, for example, ,000, ,000 and ,500, you’re likely to also have three different interest rates and to be making three different repayments at different times each month.

From the lenders point of view something is better than nothing, they factor in this risk when they lend you the money.

At Likely Loans, we offer loans over 12 to 60 months, so you have extensive options for consolidating your debt.

Some of the other main advantages of consolidating debts with a loan from us are that: If you would like a quote on our loans for debt consolidation, you can quickly apply for one online.

As years went by I felt, low self-esteem and impaired cognitive functioning.

I felt I couldn't learn, remember, be attentive or solve problems as well when all I was really doing behind the fake smile, was freaking out over my credit card payments, and afford to get to work.

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An individual voluntary arangment (IVA) is a popular solution that can write off up to 80% of debts with payments starting at just £70 per month!

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