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Adopting this strategy means that you will have to maintain the list of "known bad" characters and patterns forever, and you will by definition have incomplete protection.

It can take upwards of 90 regular expressions (see the CSS Cheat Sheet in the Development Guide 2.0) to eliminate known malicious software, and each regex needs to be run over every field. Just rejecting "current known bad" (which is at the time of writing hundreds of strings and literally millions of combinations) is insufficient if the input is a string.

This strategy is directly akin to anti-virus pattern updates.

Unless the business will allow updating "bad" regexes on a daily basis and support someone to research new attacks regularly, this approach will be obviated before long.

These definitions are used within this document: Ensure that data is not only validated, but business rule correct.

Often the best approach is the simplest in terms of code.

The account select option is read directly and provided in a message back to the backend system without validating the account number if one of the accounts provided by the backend system.

I have used the same code but have programmed the edit template to show in modal-popup(bootstrap).

As soon as there are validation errors, the screen changes from popup to normal window.

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