Validating textbox in javascript

User interaction is extremely important in building responsive, interactive web applications.Web browsers provide basic methods for user interaction in the form of alerts and dialogs, but this functionality is neither elegant nor flexible.In this tutorial, we'll cover what that means, as well as some additional pieces of Dojo's API to work with both promises and regular values in a uniform way.

Dojo now uses the popular has() pattern for feature detection in combination with a has()-aware build system.

With dijit/Tooltip, dijit/Dialog, and dijit/Tooltip Dialog, Dijit, the Dojo Toolkit's UI framework, provides cross-browser, extendable, and themeable answers to what the browser's basic functionality lacks.

In this tutorial, you'll learn about each of these widgets, sample usages of each, and the ins and outs of creating them.

While it is easy enough to write feature detection tests with ad-hoc Java Script expressions, the has() pattern defines a specific syntax such that the build system can detect these feature-based branches, and one can create application builds that are highly optimized for specific devices, with known feature shims factored out.

In Java Script applications, modifying the URL hash is a great way to provide bookmarkable, history-enabled page states. Coupled with dojo/router, dojo/hash can be a powerful tool for creating robust and interactive applications.

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The dojo/_base/declare module is the foundation of class creation within the Dojo Toolkit.

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