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The static final String employee Schema = "employee Database.xsd"; static final String tax Schema = "w2Tax Form.xsd"; static final String hiring Schema = "hiring Form.xsd"; static final String[] schemas = ; static final String JAXP_SCHEMA_SOURCE = " Source"; // ...Document Builder Factory factory = Document Builder Instance() // ...There are two ways to do that: , which stands for "XML Schema instance." The second line specifies the schema to use for elements in the document that do not have a namespace prefix-that is, for the elements you typically define in any simple, uncomplicated XML document.(You will see how to deal with multiple namespaces in the next section.) You can also specify the schema file in the application, which is the case for Here, too, there are mechanisms at your disposal that will let you specify multiple schemas. Namespaces let you combine elements that serve different purposes in the same document without having to worry about overlapping names.declaration consists of entry pairs, where the first entry in each pair is a fully qualified URI that specifies the namespace, and the second entry contains a full path or a relative path to the schema definition. In that way, only one copy of the schema will tend to exist.

We also have to define ‘xmlns:cs=” due to the book tag inside our books element (cs:book).It does not have any value to speak of (no name), but it is still precisely defined.So a namespace that does have a name can never be used as the default namespace.Note: The Geeks With Blogs editor seems to keep really messing with the formatting / XML of this post.If you spot any errors, please hit the Contact Me link above and I'll try to wrestle it into submission again :-) This entry may be useful to people confused by Biz Talk's inclination to "ns0" at the drop of a hat :-) Someone asked me today why their XML document wasn't validating.

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