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Ring recommends moving your router if feasible, and that's got to be preferable to drilling extra holes in your external walls, but for some folks, that's not always going to be possible.

You can also optionally buy the Ring Chime Pro, a plug-based bell that also acts as a Wi-Fi range extender to help you.

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is just part of Ring's ecosystem of devices.

Ring sells two different Chime devices, with the key difference between the Chime and Chime Pro being the inclusion of Wi-Fi extension on the Pro device.

The one thing that the Ring Video Doorbell 2's design isn't is subtle.

That has some impact if you're viewing it as more of a security measure than a simple greeting one because it'll be immediately apparent to any visitor as to its function.

Ring provides two different front faceplates in silver or black to give you a choice of bell styles, and these are easy enough to snap on and off as long as the security screw at the base isn't tightened in.

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 will operate sans a subscription, but without any archival backup, which limits its security potential.The Ring Video Doorbell's design is essentially utilitarian, with a rather obvious camera module set above a large friendly button that acts as the doorbell switch.Just in case your visitors (unwanted or not) aren't sure what to do, the product branding is situated just below, letting them know that they need to ring the bell by pressing the button.The one major caveat here is that you need a decent broadband connection in order to answer a call, even if you happen to be within your home at the time. Ring recommends at least 2Mbps upload, but more is most definitely better in this respect.My home connection is currently Telstra HFC, which means 2Mbps is the top range of provided upload, and it's only enough for Ring.

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