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This helps children thrive educationally, socially and economically!Almost 20 years later, the three time Pro-Bowler is still at it.

Just curious, but what are the tax implications of this? I wonder who pays for all the tattoos the college players get?

Early in the series it was discovered that Warrick had a gambling addiction.

He even admitted to Sara Sidle that he counted cards.

The recipient still makes the monthly mortgage payments.

Warrick has said it's not just about giving away a home, it's about giving them the opportunity to take ownership of something they'd never have a chance to otherwise. In some cases, he puts down the down payment and puts in the furniture and I think pays for the insurance, but his goal is to give it to people who need help and is willing to keep working to maintain it, and better themselves. I'm assuming that the brothers and sisters are over 18 now.

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I also read that only one family out of the 150 he has helped get homes has lost the home. Read about one woman that he helped that was able to eventually sell the home and be able to use the profits to set up a retirement fund for her and a college fund for her son. One article I found asked questions about his social life and dating.

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