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She has worked as a psychiatric nurse, and for the Red Cross, and has a degree in behavioral sciences. He could always say he thought he heard a call for help."Stop. Apparently the brunette had changed her mind, but he was committed now. The flames hadn't reached it yet, so he did his best to grab it with his eagle-like talons and carry it against his chest. She rushed up to him and cupped the back of his head, dragging him down until she mashed her lips to his in the mother of all adoring kisses. Maybe they shouldn't have sent a woman to shoot the annual firefighters' calendar. I don't even know his name..." She lifted her head and sat up straight. The back of his jacket said Cameron."Claudia set a tall glass of ice water in front of Bliss. And they're going to try to get me married off and living in the suburbs.""Oh, boy. ""All they know is that I got my MBA and I manage a small independent company on Charles Street.

She yanked and stuffed her luggage into the tiny elevator, which she rode to the second floor. That ear-piercing screech is the friggin' fire alarm. Oh yeah, crouch down low and get the fuck out of Dodge. First you grab my ass, and now you're hitting on me?

His elder didn't appreciate being judged but gave Drake a chance to reconsider and join the "family business." Drake's principles won out and he packed his bags.

He had originally moved to Boston because he'd heard about a female dragon and a paranormal bar here.

Sure, her apartment is now in shambles and she'll have to start her huge work project completely from scratch. I haven't slept for days.""You're exaggerating.""No, I'm not. Looking up to see what she had hit, she realized she had just head-butted a firefighter's ass. As soon as they'd made it to the street, she could see better and noticed his eyes were actually green and almond shaped. He set her down near the waiting ambulance and pulled off his mask. "Look, I'm sorry, miss, but if I went back in there now, my chief would have my hide.""But my whole life is on that computer.

But at least her love life is finally looking up..only she can find her red-hot rescuer again. Unless you count the five-minute nap I took at LAX. I'm in the finale of a huge TV competition."He didn't seem impressed, so she tried again."It's my greeting card business and all my newest designs are there. I'll wind up presenting a half-assed portfolio, and not only can I forget about winning, but it could ruin me! His weakness might be beautiful brunettes, but did she honestly expect him to risk his life for an object that could be replaced?

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