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"He was turned on by the fact that I was different without caring about what that difference meant to by Elena Alvarez To those who believe platonic friendships between opposite sexes don't exist, I call bullshit. Obviously you're only keeping tabs on them as a reminder that you're way better than your replacement.…YES, it's entirely possible to have guy friends that you honestly have no interest in fucking, and vice versa. Maybe it's your ex, maybe it's your ex best friend — but being the petty queen you are, you didn't unfollow. by Ari Bines After fans pretty much lost it with Ariana Grande's speedy recovery from her breakup with Mac Miller and quick bounce-back with SNL star Pete Davidson, we had no choice but to delve deeper into the enigma sweeping Ariana off her feet.But other women have had to deal with micro-aggressions out the ass.thing that we would really have to talk about is India. "I was with this guy and I felt insecure knowing that most of his friends and his frat socialize with blonde, 'perfect' girls," Gail said."I felt like he always saw me as an object," she said."He would like sexually harass me in front of his friends and in public, even when I said 'stop,' and would get mad at any slight disagreement I had with him." He also paid her the World's Worst Compliment: "Once he told me, ' You're so hot that you look white,'" she said. Unfortunately, the shit you go through when you're dating a white guy often becomes more obvious in hindsight, especially when it's sneaky racism disguised as flattery.

about a "game" her ex suggested they play, in which they'd list all the things they would change about each other. " Gail, a Latina woman, said she dated a white guy who constantly made jokes about her wanting tacos."Don’t compare me to chocolate desserts, don’t say the N-word, and this isn't my hair." It’s not technically your partner’s fault if their parents take some time to adjust…Until they play along instead of calling Mommy and Daddy out on their bullshit.Sadly, this was neither the first nor the last time an (inaccurate) racial epithet would be hurled in my direction.I have been called an “Asian prostitute,” a “gook,” and — my personal favorite — “The Shanghai Lady of the Night” at various points in my life by friends, lovers, and strangers. ” I am, by no means, suggesting that all white dudes are cut from the same cloth.

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  1. Although the events leading up to the ordeal are unclear, a thug decided to whip out her cell phone and begin recording herself as she approached an older white woman.