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“Your beauty is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. In November, the couple celebrated Stam’s 27th birthday together.

My flaws and weakness have been backed by your incredible strength. She posted a photo of a large bouquet of flowers that Ohno got her. “‘After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world.’ And boy do I wanna thank God for my birthday in 2017.

Bavers is said to have ended the relationship, but on an amicable note for both parties.

The two were often on the ice together both competitively and cooperatively as part of the same speed skating teams.

It is unknown if Stam will be with Ohno in South Korea, but fans will be keeping their eyes peeled.

Stam may not look super familiar, but she has done some acting and modeling over the years.

Most recently, Stam shot a campaign for Sora Beauty, a company that specializes in everything hair. Your style and aesthetic is everything,” she wrote on Instagram in January.

His last confirmed relationship was with Allison Baver, whom he dated from 2004-2006.Apolo states himself that it is really hard to find time for dating and he does not even remember when was the last time that he has gone on a date with someone, because the show takes up all of his time, so Apolo Ohno girlfriend will not exist for the near future, or at least it looks like this.It appears that there are people who think that his partner of the project should become Apolo Ohno girlfriend because they suit each other and there were some rumors that there is something going on between them, but these were only rumors and he is really single and on the market for women to grab him.The unconditional love that you give to me – drives me to be a better man. @apoloohno you’ve spoilt me outrageously (it’s too much) and words can’t express how I feel…but most importantly I want to thank you for being by my side as the best friend I’ve ever had.

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