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I figure if we ever get to that step in life, I owe her that much. But I’m free of all my obligations in that regard.” In proposing to Reimann in a Lutheran church that his family attended 300 years ago, Earnhardt also cast aside another fear: a fear of flying commercial, something he reportedly hadn’t done since Sept.

NASCAR's most popular driver is ready to say "I do."Dale Earnhardt Jr.announced Wednesday morning that he and his longtime girlfriend, Amy Reimann, are engaged."Looking forward to the rest of my life with this amazing girl," Earnhardt tweeted, retweeting a photo Reimann posted of herself and Earnhardt, which showed an engagement ring on her hand, as they visited a Lutheran church that Earnhardt's family had attended seven generations and 300 years ago.

The couple announced their engagement while vacationing in Germany during an off-week in NASCAR’s schedule.

If you look closely at Reimann’s tweet, you’ll notice an engagement ring right where it’s supposed to be.

Actually, Reimann made the announcement first on Twitter.

Earnhardt, 40, who has never married, has been dating Reimann since 2009.

The winner of the 25-lap race on the speedway’s frontstretch quarter-mile will earn ,000 to be distributed among multiple charities: ,500 to Speedway Children’s Charities, ,500 to Motor Racing Outreach, and ,000 to charities of the winner’s choice.

As one of the sport's biggest celebrities, his personal life often is the subject of lifestyle and gossip articles, including one National Enquirer story last year that said he would have a million wedding."I definitely would have a hard time writing that check," Earnhardt said at the time.

His sister, Kelley Earnhardt Miller, who is also on the trip, tweeted congratulations to the couple.

The engagement was the latest news in a vacation that Earnhardt has been tweeting from prodigiously.

The Hendrick Motorsports driver has been exploring the country and the town where his family emigrated from in 1744.

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