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Connacht became one of the dominant kingdoms on the island under Turlough.

He was the first man west of the River Shannon to have the title of High King of Ireland.

A few years after this, Diarmait was deposed as King and played a pivotal part in triggering the invasion of the Anglo Normans in 1169.

Other leading families of Laigin were: Fitzpatrick, O’Larkin, Kavanagh, O’ Brennan, O’Cullen, O’Doran, O’Nolan, O’Ryan, Fitz Dermot, O’Toole, O’Byrne, O’Carey, Mac Keogh, Phelan, (Mac)Breen, O’Kelly, O’Coveney, O’Carroll, O’More, O’Devoy, O’Duff, O’Dempsey, O’Tracy, O’Gorman, O’Dowling, O’Cosgrave, (O)Rafter and Murphy.

The O’Rourkes (cousins of the O’Connors) were kept under control in Breifne.

To the south, in Tuamumu – the O’Briens were effectively allies of the O’Connors – as Muirchertach Ua Briain (O’Brien) had fostered Turlough as a young boy to groom him for his future position.

The O’Briens were the ruling family of Tuamumu and other leading families include: (Mac) Clancy, (Mac) Conway, (Mac) Corcoran, (O) Bannon, (O) Boland, (O) Cahill, (O) Carroll, (O) Connor, (O) Dea, (O) Donovan, (O) Dooley, (O) Drennan, (O) Dwyer, (O) Fennessy, (O) Flaherty, (O) Flanagan, (O) Fogarty, (O) Galvin, (O) Grady, (O) Halloran, (O) Hannon, (O) Heffernan, (O) Hehir, (O) Hickey, (O) Hogan, (O) Honan, (O) Hurley, (O) Kearney, (O) Kelleher, (O) Kennedy, (O) Kiely, (O) Loughlin, (O) Meagher, (O) Melody, (O) Mulcahy, (O) Naghten, (O) Quirke, (O) Reddan, (O) Regan, (O) Reidy, (O) Shannon, (O) Sheehan, Ahern, Buckley, Collins, Curry, Flannery, Gilroy, Gleeson, Houlihan, Mac Considine, Mac Enery, Mac Namara, Mac Donnell, Mac Grath, Mac Inerney, Mac Mahon, Maher, Malone, Maloney, O’Meara, Ryan and Sexton, Note: Some of these surnames may have evolved shortly after 1150AD.

The Kingdom of Desmumu (South Munster) came about in 1118 with the further rise to power of the Dal g Cais tribe of north Munster.

However, before Turloughs time the effective capital had become Dublin.The other leading families of Connaught at this time were: Mac Hugh, (Mac) Egan, Mac Brennan, Mac Hale, (Mac) Cunneen, (Mac) Conneely, Gaffney, (Mac) Conroy, Mac Dermot, Mac Donagh, Keogh , Mac Manus, (Mac) Garry, (O) Boland, Coyne, (O) Cannon, (O) Cahill, (O) Keane , (O) Kelly, (O) Canavan, (O) Carney , (O) Kenny, (O) Clery, Coleman, (O) Coffey, Quigley, Conlon, (O) Conway, (O) Connelly, Conlon, (O) Cosgrave, Coogan, (O) Coolihan, (O) Curran, (O) Devlin, (O) Donnell, (O) Donlan, (O) Donohoe, (O) Duggan, (O) Dowd, Dolan, (O) Downey, (O) Fallon, Fahy, (O) Feeney, (O) Finn, Finnegan, (O), Flannery, O’Gara, (O) Glavin, (O) Hanley, O’Hara, (O)Henaghhan, (O) Hynes, (O) Horan, (O) Lavin, (O) Lynch, (O) Malley, Mannion, Molloy, Mullan, O’Mullally, Moran, Murray, Morris, (O) Ratigan, (O) Shaughnessy, (O) Tarpy, (O) Tierney, (O) Kilkelly, (O) Carney, (O) Gaughan, (O) Murphy and Mac Clancy.Note: Some of these surnames may have evolved shortly after 1150AD.If Turlough was in the habit of reading maps back at that time, he might look at his kingdoms through the lens of this map – showing the major Tribes of Ireland at his time.Now, let’s take a brief tour (we’ll take a much longer tour in our book ) around these kingdoms and just some of the surnames associated with them.

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