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And that is true in so many cases as we will come to learn through the list.Physical appearance doesn't matter on the dating scene for these wrestlers since they have the advantage in many other areas such as money, fame and body.It's only normal for fans to speculate about the looks of wrestlers' partners, and that's why we expect them to be hanging out with models only.And there is no doubt that many wrestlers do lead a similar lifestyle, especially on the road, but they may be smart enough to separate fun from a long term relationship.However, there have been questions as to when or if the couple will go through with the wedding, with Bliss's best friend Nia Jax even questioning whether Bliss wanted to go through with it. Cody Rhodes looks just fine and one could say that he is truly dashing.But there is levels in the dating world, and he happens to have a partner who would be labelled as a perfect ten.It seems like they have been together for a while, although they have somehow managed to keep a low profile.They reportedly met when Dillinger was still in NXT, and they clearly got along very well from the start.

But as of now they seem to be happy together although they have attempted to maintain a low profile for the time being, which may have something to do with the divorce and how their relationship began in the first place.

So you may be shocked to some average looking wrestlers hooking up with women that look much better than them.

But this list also goes to show that not all wrestlers have a good taste, or perhaps they aren't shallow when it comes to looks.

Alexa Bliss is perhaps the most improved wrestler on the WWE roster of the past two years.

While she still isn't quite to the level of say a Charlotte Flair or Sasha Banks in the ring, she's arguably the best on the mic in the women's division and many would call her the best looking women's wrestler on the roster.

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Here are 10 wrestlers who are dating way out of their league and 5 who could do better: Even Bray Wyatt realizes that he is dating way out of his league.

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