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He is notable in the Xenaverse for playing Julius Caesar and Cupid, and Mael in one episode and Kor in another.

In the years following his work on Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Urban became well-known for his work in the film industry.

Now, new reports suggest that it might be Karl Urban.

Since the disappointing performance of "Justice League," several things have been uncertain when it comes to the future of the DC extended universe.

Abrams' Star Trek films as Chekov, died early Sunday at the age of 27.

"She was one of the main reasons that I decided to do this film," Urban told Hello Giggles. That said, he did welcome a, um, return to her brighter look by production’s end. And added that it was also a pleasure to work with Waititi, who kept a very fluid and creative set, with music constantly playing.

"Practically all of my scenes were with her, and I just have so much love and respect for Cate and her professionalism, how she approaches the role. “I must say, it was wonderful to finally see her with blonde hair, as she had this black wig on the entire time. “It seemed like the most un-work work environment that I’ve ever experienced.” As for Blanchett’s character, Hela is Marvel’s first female villain and she’s as badass as they come — and Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie is equally kickass.

"Just being part of the conversation leading up to it, discussing the characters and how they interacted and what their purpose was, it was just a wonderful process." I mean, even Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, basically said as much. Literally, every time I’d see her for the entire six weeks we were shooting, she was in that character, in that mode.” * You read that right, CATE BLANCHETT BROS OUT * Marvel productions tend to bring out bromances (Science Bros, anyone? Urban said of both, “There is great strength in both of their characters.

No," Elba reiterated with a laugh as to whether he set them up, chatting with E!

News at the walk-through for the launch of his new menswear line, Idris Elba X Superdry.

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Karl-Heinz Urban (born June 7, 1972) is an actor from New Zealand (he is half-German, as you can maybe tell from his first name).

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