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The rotating doors in TNA and the inconsistent schedule has made the life of several performers rather difficult.Some weeks, wrestlers work as many as five or six nights in a row.Her reputation is among the most controversial in wrestling history.Most who worked with her believe she is a kind soul but has no business being involved in such a line of work.Kim has dazzled wrestling fans with classic matches throughout the years.She actually met Irvine while making a guest appearance on an episode of his show Eddie Edwards has climbed to the top of the TNA mountain by shocking the world and winning the TNA World Championship.Matt’s brother "Brother Nero" Jeff Hardy, son King Maxel and his wife Reby Sky are all part of the broken family.

Hardy’s antics have seen his family involved in the storylines.That has to be tough for the relationships of the wrestlers as well.Having to explain your job keeps you home three weeks out of the month before you leave for an entire month creates a tough home life.All wrestlers have a unique lifestyle that makes dating rather difficult, but it's especially bizarre in TNA.A good percentage of wrestlers date within the company or within the business, and you would assume that makes it a more understandable thing.

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They wedded in Nashville, Tennessee, where the couple resides.

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