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However, the sonic experimentation that Furtado was fond of would become more integral as she progressed through her career, and nowhere more so than on 2006's as a template for the album.

At the time, Furtado was riding high on Timberland-assisted bangers like 'Promiscuous' and 'Maneater', and, along with Justin Timberlake, she crafted a sound that would permeate pop music for years to come. Launching her career proper in 2000 with the Grammy-winning single 'I'm Like a Bird', Furtado was more closely aligned to folk music."As we started working, I began falling in love with all these stringed instruments - the banjo, the Portuguese ukulele, and the dulcimer, all of which are on this record," she said."And we focused a little more on the songwriting than on frenetically switching genres five times in one song, the way we did on the last record."Expanding on this, she explained that the idea was to take the organic nature of a voice and guitar or a person singing on the street and "take that essence and make a folk record for 2003, using new sounds and taking advantage of all the technology we have at our disposal.We're sure that Furtado has figured out how to make that happen, to be honest.Still, celebrity has its drawbacks."I went through an emotionally difficult time last summer and I actually wrote and sung myself songs to get through it," Furtado said.

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