Who is taylor lautner dating january 2016 detroit dating ideas

Apparently he stood her up at her 21st birthday party and she spent the evening crying in her bathroom.Some people speculate that ' We Are Never Getting Back Together' is about the actor.The Twilight heartthrob tried to win her over at a hockey game, but he was more into her than she was into him.

TAYLOR Swift's colourful dating life has inspired some of her greatest hits, and helped make her into the global superstar she is today.Rumours say the 10 year age gap became a big issue for the couple when they dated for two months back in 2010.This Is The Moment I Knew is said to be about Jake.Here's some of the men who have crossed paths with Taylor in her quest to find ' The One', and why they didn't work out...In May 2017, The Sun' Bizarre column exclusively revealed revealed how Taylor and British actor Joe, 26, had been secretly dating.

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