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“I also want to connect more with the fans, and do a Facebook Live to discuss topics with them, face to face.” HOLISTIC: Teedra Moses pays attention to her health (photo credit: Neo Soul Cafe) Moses’ ability to evolve with the times and embrace new techniques plays a role in relevancy today.

Not to mention, her strong sense of self, and the importance she places on maintaining her mental wellbeing.

“Street art is my favourite form of art because it’s so real and uncontrived and I would really love to check it out.” While Moses is excited to explore the streets of London next year, she is currently in Los Angeles and preparing to record her highly anticipated new album.

“The album is called Courage, and I’ve wrapped my head around the theme of it, and the theme of the music,” confirms Moses.

“This time, I want to make sure that people really get the soulfulness out of the music, and that takes a little more time on a song or a little bit more instrumentation.” Moses' energy on stage is like no other, and she believes that her magnetic aura is why people continuously see her shows.

I cut out wheat a year and half an ago, and at times I’ll just cut out sugar, so for me it’s kind of a lifestyle.” For Moses, maintaining a healthy lifestyle starts with discipline, which she plans to amp up for 2017. “I’m a single woman, my children are all grown up and living in different cities, so this year was all about me — it was like I was 19 again!As mixtapes do, Luxurious should hold you over until she puts the finishing touches on her sophomore album, which she’s entitled The Lioness. The kind of music that moves you with flawless vocals, deep lyrics, and most importantly — a banging beat.I relinquish control when I find myself getting frustrated or anxious.” LOVING LIFE: Teedra Moses Moses’ spirituality is rooted in her Christian upbringing and gospel-singing mother who was born and raised in Louisiana.In fact, it wasn’t until Moses’ mother passed away that she decided to follow her dreams and try her hand at the music industry.

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But I want to take my time a little bit more, like slow cooked food.” While the songstress has visited London many times, there’s one thing she’s looking forward to doing this time around.

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